Monday, February 9, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Team Work - Family

Being a family, means we are working together for an ultimate goal of reaching Heaven - little goals in the between-time, like assuring proper usage of finances and other resources over which God has given us stewardship.

I grew up with several friends whose parents did everything; these children, then teens, then young adults who struggled with the most basic of tasks. I was blessed to grow up in a family situation where I DID stuff - real stuff. Sometimes it was just observing (Grandpa would NOT let me touch his saws and other heavy machinery as a very young child - he cared about my safety!), but I was right there in the truck with Grandpa delivering play sand to a customer; among many other tasks and experiences gleaned from my other Grandpa, both of my grandmothers and my mom.

The thing is, I honestly know people who honestly could not put together some casters on a shop-vac at age 20 - and some even at 25. Really. As parents, we should consider whether protecting our children from any kind of manual labor is really a good thing in the long-term. Children shouldn't be on physical labor inappropriately or alone - but we work *together*. Unless it is a task he is perfectly capable and competent at. Like the following one.

Today, as he did with a regular carpet vacuum a bit over a year ago, we came home from making a vacuum purchase and Legoboy got right to it:

Hm. Let's not SIT on the underside until we take off the lid. 

Yay! DONE! 

Chilling with some reading and some cookies. 

What!? I just put your vac together
and you want me to eat in the (GASP!?) DINING room!?

That's right, Kiddo. Get moving.

Yes that is still Christmas items in the background - actually our O Antiphon Tree and our basket-manger with Baby Jesus; and our books and CDs/DVDs. We celebrate Christmas fully until January 11 (this year); and in many ways we are still celebrating until February 2: The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple (technically the Wise Men arrived after that, by the way; but anyway).

We have put off purchasing the shop-vac. We need one for the basement. I have borrowed two from two different friends since we moved in, thinking it might be just a short-term need. Now we are looking to move the wood-cutting area from one side of the basement to the other and I really want to keep saw-dust down; as well as we need to clean out the window areas more thoroughly. There is simply always something to clean up that I would rather NOT go through our rather awesome Shark Navigator I use in the rest of the house. So $63 later (shop-vac and an attachment set with a chisel nozzle and a brush nozzle (I didn't actually want the brush, but it might come in handy - it was packaged with the chisel, I had no choice if I wanted the chisel)), here we are: the proud owners of a shop-vac ;)

It has a hose I can connect directly to the saw to get most of the sawdust, keeping the saw cleaner, then I can clean up as needed which will be less often and more thorough than previous practice.

And we can keep the wasps swept up until we find the nest and eradicate it.

Oh yes - and it has a blower! He is looking forward to a bit of a thaw to see if it works to blow some leaves off the back driveway - instead of our usual sweeping!
Hmmmm. This could be useful for the porches too.....

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Altar Server Training - Traditional Latin Mass

These are from last school year, but they still make me smile :)

He was barefoot the whole time.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Liturgical Seasons Sale - 10% OFF

Liturgical Seasons 10% off sale at Garden of Francis

A bit of a sale between now and December 31st (ends at New Year's EST).

10% off all items in the liturgical season categories of Garden of Francis. This includes such items as the following:

  • cosmic cross puzzles
  • Christmas season version of the Jesse Tree ornaments
  • Jesse Tree ornaments (Advent)
  • Jesus Tree ornaments (Lent)
  • Easter season version of the Jesus Tree 
  • season-appropriate prayer table cloths, made to the size needed, with or without lace

Anything with a Christmas season item will be upgraded for free to rush order shipment, so that you might enjoy those items during Christmas THIS year. All other orders (and the non-Christmas components of large orders) will ship in the order orders were placed, over the next 2-3 weeks. 

God bless!

This item is not on sale, but is SO beautiful, I am advertising it anyway ;)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Quick Notes on the Bible Mini-Series

My son and I just today sat down with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix Streaming to watch the Bible Mini-Series that we have had many good things on. Yes, we heard that a few little things were slightly off, but we figured we wouldn't let that bother us.

My 10 year old saw and verbally noted the following things that annoyed him in the first half (not even a full half!) of the first episode - and when our internet momentarily dropped and I started to refresh the page, he said, "Perhaps we can just watch something else. Artistic liberty should NOT CONTRADICT the Bible in a show ABOUT the Bible!"

  • the ark would not have leaked - covered inside and out with pitch (tar)
  • it likely didn't rock very much - think cruise ships
  • no sunlight entering (God sealed them in)
  • could not have walked on the deck (God sealed them in)
  • Abraham/Abram was called earlier in life - events re: Egypt and his wife being so beautiful as to be brought in with the concubines of Pharaoh - making all his eives infertile until he released her)
  • God changed their names after they had been traveling a while - so should have said Abram, instead of Abraham when God first called him
  • Abram/Abraham gave Lot the choice of direction
  • artistic liberty is great as long as it doesn't CONTRADICT the text: the wives did not act like that - Lot's wife isn't recorded as saying much; Abram's wife didn't hate Ishmael until Isaac was weaned (at age 3) - the dates are off in all of that too

If this is a person's only exposure to the Bible - let's at least be accurate. Visual impressions are strong and lasting. 

I am not sure we'll come back to this.... 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Legos - Legos - Legos

Lego Kids Fest.

Lots of interesting people - got into an interesting conversation with a lady whose beliefs I couldn't quite figure out, was she attacking my Catholicism, agreeing with it, just chit-chatting - only God knows. It was all friendly.

Then there was the little lost girl. How long does a little girl need to wander with a look of insistence on her face before someone helps? (Lego KidsFest has that all under control - everything is well-planned and coordinated with a "Lost Parents" Tent, intercom system, instructions beforehand for preparations (take a camera-photo of your child as you walk in, have a card in the child's shoe with your cell phone #, keep your cell phone on, etc. etc.).

Overall, it was good.

And we got some Lord of the Rings - Hobbit - in too ;)

That's a LOT of one-by-ones. 

Tower of Orthanc. With the moon and lots of stars. 

Mounted on the wall of art. 

He didn't know I was taking this picture - I was talking to him. 

Build a tower for Creation Nation (map of the United States on the floor). 

His tower, among the others. 

Flying creation - I think this was in the Star Wars area. 

Smaug was cool. 

He is cooler with a head. 

Bilbo and Gandalf were neat too. 

That's a lot of duplos (they had a simialr thing with regular bricks;
and another similar one with pinks/purples duplos)

I'd probably lose my head too - if I were a hobbit threatened by a dragon. 

watch what is coming. 

Wait for it.... 

it's coming.... 

almost there.... (see the lights?)

and he breathes fire. 

Bye Smaug.
(haha! Sherlock! Yeah!)